Saturday, April 1, 2017

First Post: Introduction to Crazy Christian Momma

Well ladies, I come to you as a Christian wife, working mother and, I hope, friend.    The reason I'm creating this blog is because I want all of you out there that are Christian mommas, to know that we all go through strange and tough times, silly times, times where we cuss, sin, yell, worry, do something foolish, and act just plain CRAZY!!!! Which pretty much means you're normal (even if you don't feel like it at times).  None of us are perfect, in fact if you're anything like me, you constantly (or maybe only sometimes) worry how others view you, especially around summer, when you dread going to the pool with your kids and somehow secretly pray for "The Rapture", so you won't have to wear a bathing suit and you will have that perfect body!    And "yes" I did type that, and "yes" I'm quite tired of trying to be that "Church Mom" my husband calls me when my kids are listening to music that is better than some of songs I listened to in high school, but act like I never did because I don't want to be donned a "hypocrite".  

This is a blog so you can laugh at the silly things I do, say, worry about, and want to do, all the while noting that I'm not perfect, and though I am striving to be Christlike, know that He is the only person who is (and was and will be) perfect and I also know that my journey will never end.  I will always be imperfect and I will always follow Him.  I don't consider myself any specific type of denomination, I don't get hooked up on rituals, or how I'm supposed to do this or that, God looks at the heart and we are to confess our sins, ask for forgiveness, love Him and others, and do the best we can by bringing Glory to Him through our actions and words, and hopefully bringing others to Him along the way, so they can understand the true Joy that the Gospel brings to ALL in this lost world.  It's a relationship with God, His Son, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit, NOT a religion to me.  If I just made your head explode (I apologize for the mess if may have caused.), then you may not want to follow my blog.  So, let me give you a little about my background.  

I'm 45, but sometimes feel closer to 65, at other times 30 and a lot of the time 10, but my kids think I'm too old to understand anything, (as some of you can relate) and that no one really likes me, and that I dress, as my 17 year-old daughter likes to put it, "Ewww" (Her favorite word at the moment).   I have  a boy that is 14 and a girl 17, (going on 27).  My husband is a Yankee from Massachusetts and I'm a southern gal from Tennessee.  We met at Disney years ago and moved up to Massachusetts almost 10 years ago (He says I'm his prize from the Civil War-or as us southerners like to call it, "The war of Northern Aggression!").  In addition to being a mother and wife (which are 2 of the most difficult jobs anyone can ever have), I am also a librarian, former teacher, and author.  

I want other ladies (women, if that's too formal for y'all!) to feel free to add comments to my blog posts.  It can be for suggestions regarding situations, topics of conversation, great Bible verses, requests for prayer, any kind of positive posts, (if you'd like to critique something I write, please feel free to do so).  I do want this to be a light-hearted and fun blog, so let's not take what is said too seriously.  I think that's one of the problems that Christians have sometimes and because of that, I think we don't allow ourselves to have the Joy that we are promised by God.  A Joy that is ours because we are His children and to me, that is a shame, so I'm hoping this blog will help to fix that, because I've allowed Joy to be absent from my life for way too long!  So, I for one, don't want to live like that anymore.  Let's show people how fun, crazy, silly, and REAL Christian women can be.  Don't hide it, because then people can't relate to us and understand that we aren't some alien species, but just as mixed-up as every other momma in this crazy, lop-sided world.  I do ask that you respect and love others that post things, please.    

I don't know how often I will post.  Hopefully a few times a week.  In addition to hopefully helping readers, of all backgrounds, I'm using this also as therapy for me because sometimes I'm a crazy crying mess and my husband tells me I need to talk to someone because he can tell I worry waaaayyy tooooooo much (Do I hear an Amen sister!)So, with the Lord's help, my hope is that this blog will help non-Christian and Christian sisters alike.

Many blessings!
Crazy Christian Momma

25 "Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come."
Proverbs 31:25

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